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History Note No.19: Bells

History Note No.19: Bells
History of the bells at St. Peter's

There have been bells in the tower of St Peter"s for many hundreds of years. In 1553 there were four bells and a Sanctus bell, however the dates on our bells show them to have been cast before then.
Nowadays there are six bells, one is dated 1386 and another 1450. Of the other four bells, one is dated 1767, two are dated 1787 and the remaining one 1823.

By an Inventory of 1636 there were six bells "well fixed and in good repair". It is thought that the two oldest bells may have come from Blythburgh Priory after the Dissolution of 1535.

In the Churchwarden Accounts there are frequent references to payment for food and drink for Bellringers for special occasions such as Coronations, November 5th, weddings etc. One notes that in 1693 two shillings was paid for mending the treble bell which young Buxton had broken purposely!