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Wenhaston History Notes by Keith Johnceline

Wenhaston History Notes

These notes were written by Keith Johnceline between 2007 and 2012 and were originally published in the Wenhaston Word village newsletter. When Blythweb ceased publication of that newsletter (archive) in April 2012 Keith Johnceline gave his permission for those articles to be brought together here as the Wenhaston History Notes.

# Title Subject
1 The very earliest inhabitants The ice age and the early bronze age settlers
2 The Romans The Romans in Wenhaston and finding the statue of venus at Blyford
3 Domesday Wenhaston is called Wenasdestuna in the Norman Domesday book
4 House of Industry The Workhouse at Bulcamp was built under the Poor Laws
5 George Butcher, Smuggler George Butcher was a notorious local smuggler
6 Interesting Inhabitants Including Virtue Vice and her time in The House of Industry
7 The Church The unveiling of The Doom during a Victorian restoration
8 Communications The Blyth Navigation and the Halesworth to Southwold Railway
9 Mills Mills and Millers - from the Domesday Book to present times
10 School Founding of the Pepyn and Lessey Trust; and the various schools in the village
11 Tradescants Wenhaston, the Tradescant family and tradescantia
12 Church Troubles How the iconoclasm affected Wenhaston church; and a 'Scandulous Minister'
13 Smuggling Smuggling and The Queen's Head, Blyford
14 War From the Battle of Blythburgh to the two World Wars and the Victoria Cross
15 Public Houses Changes to the Beer Houses and Pubs in the village
16 Music Church accounts for musical purchases and repairs; also Church organs and Choirs
17 Sport Athletics, Bowls and Football: it's a 'Sporting Life' in Wenhaston
18 Mr Sales The notoriously strict Headmaster of Wenhaston School
19 Bells History of the bells at St. Peter's
20 Punishments The Stocks, Whipping Post, Ducking Stool and Transportation were all forms of punishment used in the local area
21 Law and Order The earliest constables and the duties they performed
22 Mells Recorded in the Domesday Book; and the many changes of ownership over the years
23 Entertainment From the Wenhaston 'Game' to 'Warblers' and the many 'Players', there has always been various forms of entertainment in the local area
24 Blythburgh Priory The story of St Osyth and of the Priory at Blythburgh
25 The Burial Register Some of the records from 1701 - 1945
26 Occupations Various occupations of Wenhaston residents through the years
27 Church Warden Accounts Some interesting items noted from the Churchwarden Accounts
28 Harry Becker Some local history regarding this well-known painter
29 Albert George Spink The famous music hall artiste: Dandy George and his dog Rosie
30 Lords and Masters The Lords and owners of Wenhaston
31 Wenhaston Millions Major Crane and his plan to scam some locals
32 Taxes A few examples of taxes in times past
33 The Guildhall History and uses of the The Guildhall
34 Farming Farming: from 1086 to C20th
35 The Village Green Speculation as to the location of Wenhaston's original green
36 The Poor From the poor in the village, to the House of Industry, and the rise of wages for workers
37 St. Margarets Chapel, Mells History and disputes regarding St. Margaret's Chapel
38 Wenhaston Grange The history and owners of Wenhaston Grange