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History Note No.6: Interesting Inhabitants

History Note No.6: Interesting Inhabitants
Including Virtue Vice and her time in The House of Industry

The first constable named in the records for Wenhaston was Abraham Nolloth in 1680. I was amused to note that he was fined two shillings in 1708 for cutting down a tree that belonged to church lands!

Harry Becker lived in the village for some years. He was a well known painter who painted local people at work. He was around in the 1920s.

Virtue Vice. A contradiction of names I reckon! She was a woman from Wenhaston, baptised on 11th January 1735/6, daughter of Laurence and Elizabeth. She spent many years in The House of Industry at Bulcamp.

On 26th September 1768 she petitioned for clothing for two of her four children. On 18th September 1769 she was allowed two pairs of stockings, a pair of shoes, and a waistcoat for her son Thomas. Again on 12th February 1770 allowed five shillings having been ill for six months. On 14th May 1781 allowed 18 pence. She was given a paupers funeral on 28th September 1787.