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History Note No.2: The Romans

History Note No.2: The Romans
The Romans in Wenhaston and finding the statue of venus at Blyford

Experts agree that Wenhaston was an important settlement and trading post. Ships sailed up the River Blyth to Blyford (Blythford), but could not proceed further, so they emptied their cargo here.

The market was between Star Hill and the River. The fields have been walked and much Samian pottery, brooches and over 500 coins have been found. One presumes that the inhabitants lived on the higher ground, and possibly a small Roman Temple was built - are its foundations to be found under our present church?

Communication was important and there is a Roman Road from Bungay to Halesworth, and it probably wound its way from Holton to Blyford by the river and forded over to Wenhaston. When ploughing a field by Blyford Bridge in the 1880s, a farmer discovered a Roman statuette of Venus, six inches high.

There is a small stream that leaves the River Blyth and goes under the road at Brook Farm. This threads it"s way through Thorington marshes to Bramfield. It was much wider and deeper in olden times, as in the Bramfield records there is an entry 'Taking the hay down to the wharf at Bramfield'.