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History Note No.32: Taxes

History Note No.32: Taxes
A few examples of taxes in times past

No one likes paying taxes but it is no new thing. Here are a few examples of taxes in times past:

1327 - Subsidy Returns. 1/20th of value of movable goods and must have at least 5/- worth to be taxed. 25 were taxed amounting to £1.14.1. Heading the list were Galfrido de Wenhaston and Thoma Gorge 2/6 each.

1381 - Poll Tax. All persons over 15 years old, one shilling per person.
In Blything Hundred 221 paid £21.1.0.

1524 - Subsidy Returns. 1/20th of movable goods. Total amount £4.15.8. William Pepyn £1.10.0. 29 in Wenhaston and 12 in Mells.

1568 - Subsidy Roll. 16 pence per pound of value of land and 10 pence per pound on value of goods. Total amount £2.18.8. 15 in Wenhaston and 5 in Mells.

1640 - Ship Money. "For the safeguarding of the seas and defence of the realm." £14.6.0 for 57 people.

1674 - Hearth Tax. 2 shillings per hearth. £187 for 64 inhabitants. John Hall and John Leman each had 10 hearths.