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History Note No.11: Tradescants

History Note No.11: Tradescants
Wenhaston, the Tradescant family and tradescantia

Looking at the Village Sign one sees around the border some foliage.This represents the plant Tradescantia. It is there as an indication of a connection with the famous Tradescants, John and his son also John, who toured the world bringing back plants to England.

They both were appointed at various times the King's Gardener. John had a large estate at Lambeth, where he exhibited these exotic plants. There is, however, only a tenuous connection with our village. The Tradescants were indeed an important family in Wenhaston, living at Wenhaston Grange. A number became churchwardens.

In 1553 Richard was at The Grange while his brother Thomas was at Lampitts and it was Thomas who had a son, Thomas in 1552. The family lived in our village for a few years and then later moved to Walberswick and he had a son - John. So all we can really claim is that Wenhaston was the birthplace of John Tradescant's father.