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History Note No.35: The Village Green

History Note No.35: The Village Green
Speculation as to the location of Wenhaston's original green

Most villages had a village green and I am afraid that it is a matter of conjecture the exact location of Wenhaston Village Green. Old reports advise us of frivolities taking place on the Green, although we could not lay claim to holding an annual fair. However it would appear that every year a celebration was held including a donkey race between the Queen"s Head, Blyford and The Star and there were 20 stalls in place.

A postcard dated 1910 showed a notice board on the triangle of land opposite the present Blythweb, and in 1918 after the First World War the first suggestion for a War Memorial was on this piece of land. Was this patch of grass all that remained of our village green?

Looking at the buildings on the south side of The Street, the line including St Kilda are of 16th century. On the other side of The Street Clay Cottage and Ingleside are 16th century, but the line of buildings in front facing The Street are 18th century. Dare one say that these houses are later additions and before the village green extended in their place and all that remains is the small triangle facing Blythweb. All conjecture of course!