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History Note No.38: Wenhaston Grange

History Note No.38: Wenhaston Grange
The history and owners of Wenhaston Grange

Sibton Abbey, the only Cistercian Abbey in Suffolk, was founded in 1150 and there were a number of outlying farms supplying it with dairy and other produce. One of them was Wenhaston Grange as the Abbey"s Account Rolls includes a Bill of 1335 for 13 shillings and four pence for "milk from 20 ewes at Wenhaston Grange".

It would appear the Grange was a sheep farm. Rent was being paid by tenants of £5.6s.8d in 1362, and by 1367 it had grown to £8.13s.4d.

By 1484 it would appear that the freehold had been sold as the Grange is missing from the Abbey"s Rent Book. From an Estate Roll dated 1553 it seems that the owner was Richard Tradescant. The Tradescant family at that time was the second most wealthy family in Wenhaston and many were church wardens, see my previous notes on the family (History Notes no.11).

According to Eric Sandon"s "Suffolk Houses", the front of the house is of the Queen Anne period, built in 1702, but the core of the building is late 15th to early 16th century and the chimney has been dated 1550. In 1800 the property was purchased by John Dresser, later by Robert Sparrow and then Charles Day.